Marine Grade Epoxy
ur 1 to 1 Laminating system is a two component 100 % solids Epoxy resin system designed
for coating, bonding, and the lamination of glass, carbon, or Kevlar fibers as used in the production
of composite plastic products. This material features a forgiving, easy to use, 1 to 1 by volume mix
ratio ( 1 Parts Epoxy Resin to 1 Part of Activator by volume such as liquid ounces, pints, quarts, or
liters ). The material itself features easy wet out, long pot life, and good adhesion to a wide variety of
materials including wood, fiberglass, glass, metals and most other plastics.
The material cures to a hard, slightly flexible, blush free, Clear colored plastic, having good
physical properties, chemical and solvent resistance, and excellent resistance to water. It may be
painted after curing. ( Cure time for this material may be accelerated by mild heat up to 150 F. )
As with all adhesive type compounds proper surface preparation is essential for good bond
strength, additionally re-coating of this material should be accomplished before the material is
thoroughly cured generally in less then 24 hours. If the material has cured hard and tack free a light
sanding and solvent wash may be necessary before re-coating.


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